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711 South 6th Street

P.O. Box 516

Beatrice, Nebraska 68310




4 Bin | 4 cu. yard capacity
Our most cost effective unit, the 4 Bin (or “Mini”) is ideal for campuses and street festivals. With its unique design, all 4 bins face the curb providing quick and easy access. LEARN MORE




6 Bin | 6 cu. yard capacity
Our starter model, the 6 Bin is popular with grant and start-up programs (ideal for festivals and sporting events).  LEARN MORE




10 Bin | 10 cu. yard capacity
Our most popular model, the 10 Bin AlleyCat is the perfect recycling unit for large sporting and community events. With the option of 10 unique bins to choose from, sorting is quick and easy.   LEARN MORE




14 Bin | 14 cu. yard capacity
Our largest trailer is specifically designed for large sporting and community events, military bases and National or State parks. Even when fully loaded, this model is easy to maneuver and tow through rough terrain behind a light utility vehicle or small truck. LEARN MORE

 ALLEYCAT - Leading Recycling Trailer  Manufacturers 

 Alleycat Recycling Solutions to Keep America Green! 

  • Engineered for Safety

  • Made from up to 80% recycled materials.

  • Handicap Accessible

  • Quick & Easy Offloading

  • Large Storage Capacity

  • Guaranteed Rust Proof

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Grants and Funding Available – Contact us for free Grant Funding Assessment!


✓ Available in four different models

✓ Lightweight towable trailer

✓ Designed to suit your specific needs.

✓ Rustproof protection

✓ Corrosion-resistant

✓ Durable plastic fenders

✓ Longest lasting trailers in the industry

+ Small Communities and Towns

+ National Park Services

+ Military Bases

+ Institutions and Universities

+ Festivals and Events

AlleyCat Recycling Trailers are used in:

+ Gated Communities

+ Rural Communities

+ Regional Communities

+ Seaside Communities

+ Apartment Complexes

We created The Green Recycling Cost-Savings Program™.

This program helps you: 

  1. reduce your recycling costs,

  2. capitalize on grant opportunities, and

  3. increase your revenue from your recycling program.

  4. provide innovative financing options,

  5. leads for grant writing and marketing support

  6. give you options for upgrading old equipment

What We Do

Parts & Services

Weight: 60 pounds
Capacity: 1 cubic yard (200 gallon)
Dimensions: 40” square x 36” high

Bin cover with push-in-door
(Shown in photograph above)